A wetter western Norway – a blessing or a curse?

In Western Norway, climate changes are evident, and now it’s time to look ahead. What will climate change – alot more water – have to say for change and restructuring in Western Norway?

University of Bergen and Bergens Tidende presents “The 7 Main Societal Challenges”, a series of seminars and debates based on Europe 2020 strategy, addressing major concerns shared by citizens in Europe and elsewhere.

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First, we present Climate and consequences for Western Norway: How will we be able to exploit new opportunities and manage new challenges? The large amounts of water pose a security threat in the form of floods. However, with proper regulation, it can also give us great opportunities.

Where: University of Bergen: Aulaen (Museum of natural history)

When: Saturday 5. th of September from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Professor Terje Tvedt opens with a lecture on Western Norway change and restructuring on the basis of the hydrological importance for civilization and growth but also as a contributor to crises and natural disasters. After the lecture editor Hilde Sandvik from Bergens Tidende will lead a panel discussion on the topic, with participants from politics, business and organizations.


Debate panel consists of:

Per Rune Henriksen, Labour Party

Wenche Teigland, EVP Energy, BKK

Lars Haltbrekken, Naturvernforbundet

Trond Dokken, Uni Research.


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About the project:

Bergens Tidende and the University of Bergen has partnered to promote a project on “The major societal challenges “, based on Horizon 2020. Major societal challenges include health, safety, food, climate, energy, transport and knowledge. The aim of the project is to bridge the gap between research and public awareness. The lecture and panel discussion on climate as a theme is the first event of this project series. SpaceLAB is proud to organize the event together with Bergens Tidende.