Horizon 2020: seven societal challenges

Department of Geography and SpaceLAB had the pleasure of hosting the first of seven open seminars on Horizon 2020: Seven Societal Challenges. The first meeting focused on climate change, and comprised of key note speech by Professor Terje Tvedt from University of Bergen (link to streaming soon), followed by a debate between decision makers, researchers, environmental NGOs and industry.

The Horizon 2020 Seven Societal Challenges is a joint effort by the University of Bergen and the regional media Bergens Tidende. The collaboration consists of relevant news coverage based on news criteria, feature stories presented by researchers at UoB and other relevant stakeholders, open seminars, marketing and live streaming.

Here we provide a summary of the media activities leading up to the open seminar:

News stories (in Norwegian):
Preserve or protect

Government may revise preservation regulations

Environmental NGO: we will fight for the protected areas

Norwegian HYDRO will champion a Wetter West Coast

Spend too little on climate mitigation

Side dishes:
Next year, cooling facility for computer servers opens in abandoned mine 

Government support to flooded communities and municipalities

Natural Disasters and their consequences  

Feature story:
Climate changes in Western Norway