SpaceLab at the Christie conference 2016

On April 19th the University of Bergen hosted the Christie Conference – a meeting point between academia and civil society in the west of Norway. Approximately 350 participants attended the conference which was held at Peer Gynt Salen in Grieghallen in central Bergen.

This year’s theme for the conference was “Demography”, focusing on demographic changes on a global and local level, and the challenges that these changes imply. SpaceLab was together with GIS invited to have a stand at the conference, and Håvard Haarstad was one of the invited speakers.


Haarstad held a 15-minute presentation on the topic “The 10-minute city as an answer to the climate challenge?” where he talked about the importance of focusing on good and sustainable city development. He proposed a strategy of densification in nodes and interconnection of nodes through public transport, to ensure a tight link between citizens and their daily activities. In conjunction with the conference Haarstad and Oseland wrote a newspaper article in Bergens Tidende: “Bergen må satse på bydelene”.

SpaceLab had a stand together with GIS (Geographic Information System) at the conference’s exhibition of outstanding research. Here we presented our research areas contested energy spaces, urban transformations, and local responses and solutions, focusing on co-production of knowledge. We had interactive maps on display e.g. showing the reach of different means of transport within 10 minutes from the city center.


Together with GIS and Gidske L. Andersen we had an app where people at the conference could type in how they had travelled to the conference this day, and we then showed a map with the number of the different means of transport. We were quite pleased to find out that walking and public transport were the winners this day out of the 82 persons that took part in the survey.

See the map here.