Interdiciplinary Climate and Energy Research GroupRegular seminars co-hosted by SpaceLab


Past activities

Beyond Oil: Geographies of climate and energy transformationConference arranged by SpaceLab at the University of Bergen, October 21 and 22, 2015
Call for papers

Open seminar: Horizon 2020: seven societal challenges, First seminar: Climate Change. September 04, 2015 at the University Hall (Universitetets Aula)

CAG (Canadian Association of Geographers) Conference June 2015. Tarje Iversen Wanvik talked at the special session Responsibility: A Critical Inquiry into Relational Geographies. Based on a case study of Norwegian oil Company Statoil’s involvement in Resource extraction from Canadian oil sands, he discussed Corporate Social Responsibility. Abstract

RGS-IBG Annual International Conference in Exeter in September 2015. Tarje Iversen Wanvik and Håvard Haarstad presented a paper conceptualizing the instability of oil landscapes. Abstract