Beyond Oil conference

The next Beyond Oil conference will be held in Bergen, Oct 25-27, 2017.

Society is inevitably moving beyond oil. The direction that this transformation will take is still highly uncertain. Transformations to societies beyond oil involve deliberate choices that lead to different outcomes with regards to power, justice, inequality and human-nature relations. A task for social scientists is to analyze the structures of inertia and capacities for change in current societies, and highlight the multiple futures that these make possible.

As research moves from studying problems to proposing pathways and solutions, we therefore need to critically interrogate the particular solutions that are proposed and how they relate to the futures we wish to mobilize. As academics, we also need to consider our own role in transformations – whether as catalysts, participants, critics, or knowledge producers. We welcome researchers from a variety of research fields connected to the topics above.


Preliminary program

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16.00-17.30 – Conference registration and welcome mingle at CET


Time: 09.00-17.15

Venue: House of Literature, Bergen

Keynotes panel: Alternative futures in times of rapid transformation – Kevin Anderson and Josefin Wangel

Parallel session 1

Panel 1: Inertia and Instability of Energy Governance

Panel 2: Thinking Post-Oil: Conceptualizing Alternatives

Parallel session 2

Panel 3: Politicising Climate and Energy Transformations

Panel 4: Critical Innovation: Methods and Design for Initiating Change

17.15 – Oil Run! A narrated walk through Bergen in and beyond oil

18.30 – Conference dinner at IMPACT HUB: Social innovation for transformation



Time: 09.00-17.00

Venue: House of Literature, Bergen

Plenary session. Keynote: Energy transitions in practice: the work of the Regulatory Assistance Project – Ranjit Bharvikar

Parallel session 3

Panel 5: Just transformations? The Role of Resistance and Community Mobilization

Panel 6: Capacities for Change: Understanding Citizens and Local Contexts

Plenary session, Keynote: Renewable Energy Politics: Europe, the US, and China – Miranda Schreurs

Parallel session 4

Panel 7: Potential and Constraints in Energy System Innovation

Panel 8: Pathways to Energy Transition

Plenary dialougue: Concluding reflections – moving beyond “Beyond Oil”



Venue: Media City Bergen

Time (preliminary): 12.30-15.30

Opening ceremony for Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation in Bergen and reception:

“Rapid societal change to meet the climate challenge?”