Externally funded projects

European cities as actors in Climate and Energy Transformations
Bergen Research Foundation, 2016-2020.
PI Håvard Haarstad

GOVLAND: Legal governance in land use planning
Research Council of Norway, 2016-2020
PI Ingunn Myklebust (SpaceLab has one work package)

ENTRANS: Energy transition from above or below? Structures, governance and strategies in Norway and Europe
Akademiaavtalen, Statoil/UiB, 2014-2018.
PI Håvard Haarstad

Developing compatible climate and energy strategies
World Universities Network (WUN), 2014.
PI Håvard Haarstad

PhD projects

Mobility and the Politics of Place – Geographies of the extractive hot zone
PhD project – Tarje Wanvik, 2013-2017

Can a future climate change threaten the current hydropower production in Norway?
PhD project – Sunniva Solheim Vatle

Implementation of Climate and Energy Action Plans in city-regions in Norway
PhD project – Stina Ellevseth Oseland, 2015-2019

Low-carbon energy transitions: Perspectives and approaches to transition from different scales of ‘Smart Grids’
PhD project – Ingrid Foss Ballo, 2015-2019