Local responses

Local responses and solutions

Local authorities – from large cities to small municipalities – are increasingly forced to respond to larger scale processes of change, such as climate change, urbanization and changes in energy systems. The way in which these changes are experienced, perceived and responded to is often overlooked in research on global transformations, yet they are critical to how the changes affect livelihoods. SpaceLab projects on local responses examine the implementation of climate adaptation plans in Norwegian cities and explores energy transitions at different scales. SpaceLab also arranges a number of field courses that explore local responses to global change.


Current projects on local responses

Climate change, city planning and implementation of targets in Norwegian cities

As climate changes are affecting more and more areas of society, the policies concerning climate change have to be integrated into the governance of these other areas. The project looks at climate planning in Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim. A particular focus is how climate and energy action plans are operationalized and implemented as a response to a changing climate and a need for energy transformations.

GOVLAND: Legal governance in land use planning

GOVLAND examines the core legal instruments for regulating the balance between national and municipal power in Norwegian land use planning. The project is based at the Faculty of Law, and SpaceLab has one work package in the project.

ENTRANS: Energy transition from above or below? Structures, governance and strategies in Norway and Europe
ENTRANS examines energy transitions from a multi-scalar point of departure. As part of the project, a field course to Manchester is organized.

Akademiaavtalen, Statoil/UiB 2014-2018.

Field course to Flåm, Norway
SpaceLab develops cross disciplinary field courses for Bachelor’s students in geography, where students are exposed to real-life problems, experimenting with research methodologies and techniques and testing different kinds of research designs.



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